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Indeck International-LaMont
High Temperature Hot Water Boiler

Indeck continues to lead in the field of high temperature hot water generation. We have installed more than 1,000 Indeck International-LaMont high temperature hot water generators units since 1948. The TJW-C design provides maximum efficiency and exceptional fuel cost savings. The Indeck International-LaMont is suited for several industrial applications including, airports, universities, hospitals, government installations, military bases, and more!

Indeck offers a complete line of low and high temperature packaged hot water generators from 10,000,000 to 200,000,000 BTU/hr.

Indeck has the largest inventory of low and high temperature hot water boilers for sale or rent in the U.S. If you need a hot water generator or industrial hot water boiler, call us at 847-541-8300.

Indeck International-Lamont Advantages:
• High Temperature Differentials
• No Thermal Shocking
• Low Maintenance
• High Efficiencies
• Closed Loop System
• Low Pressure Drops
• Compact Design
• Safe Operation
• Minimum Water Treatment
• Proven Design
• Low NOx Emissions

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