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Indeck Introduces Improved, High Efficiency 75,000pph Superheat Boilers

Wheeling, Illinois October 10, 2015 ... Indeck Power Equipment Company has redesigned their 75,000 pph superheat watertube boilers to save fuel dollars and provide higher efficiency while improving operations. The superheat ‘O’ type boilers are constructed in accordance with ASME code and perform at 750 psig and 750° design and are available for boiler rental or boiler sale. They are designed to take several fuel types including natural gas or # 2 oil and include manufacturer's standard boiler trim, Low NOX burner and combustion controls. They come complete with Class I Div 2 controls, high efficiency fan motors, optional 3-element feedwater controls, fully metered controls and O2 trim package.

The boilers are designed with a large heat transfer surface for increased boiler efficiency and to lower furnace pressure drops. These features equate to smaller force draft fan horse power requirements and lower fuel consumption. The benefit to industrial plants is lower operational costs.

The boilers include: steam pressure gauge, low water cutoffs, safety valves, FW stop and check valves, blow down valves, continuous blow down metering valve, chemical feed valve, FW regulator with pre-piped three valve bypass, BMS/combustion controls, complete fuel train and pilot ignition system, forced draft fan, motor and starter, steam non-return valve, stack, water column and site glass.

Economizers and the Indeck Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (I-SCRs) are available for increased efficiency and NOx reduction. Economizers are used to reduce fuel use by recovering heat from boiler stack gases that would otherwise be lost to the environment.

When lower NOx emissions are required to satisfy air permit requirements, Indeck’s I-SCR Systems are available to support plant operations.

Indeck is the most diverse boiler manufacturer in the world, offering one of the largest fleet of rental equipment including watertube boiler trailers, mobile boiler rooms, packaged boilers to 250,000 pph, high temperature hot water generators, diesel generators, deaerators, feedwater pumps, blowdown tanks, valves, controls, and hot water systems. Indeck stocks superheat and saturated boilers and offers boiler rental, boiler lease or boiler sales programs.

Indeck also custom designs HRSGs, waste heat recovery boilers, FCCUs, solid fuel boilers and specialty boilers to 1,000,000pph and 2,000psig. Indeck owns their technology and is an OEM aftermarket parts supplier for: Indeck, Keystone Energy, Erie City, Zurn, Aalborg Land Based Boilers, IBC, International Boiler Works and Volcano Boiler. For additional information see or email Indeck maintains a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline for rental boilers, used boilers, or new boilers at 800-446-3325 or 847-541-8300.

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Indeck 2015 Trade Show Schedule:
February 10-13
District Energy Campus Conference - Denver, CO
March 10-12
Western Regional Boiler Assn - Pasco, WA
April 21-23
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June 28 - July 1
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