Rental Boilers

Wherever and whenever customers' need power,
in an emergency or to meet a temporary need, Indeck can turn it on fast for a boiler rental.

Whether a customer has an emergency, natural disaster, shut-down, testing, or just planned downtime, Indeck has a power solution for every need. Indeck maintains the world's largest boiler inventory of skid and trailer mounted rental equipment for mobile boiler rentals, emergency boiler needs and even used boilers for rent.

All rental boiler equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our portable boiler inventory is monitored and maintained by our in-house professional servicing staff.

For Boiler Sales Rental or Lease

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Trailer-Mounted Watertube Boilers for Rent:
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24,000 PPH to 70,000 PPH
300 to 750 PSI (Superheated Boilers Available)

Trailer-Mounted Watertube Boilers:
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80,000 PPH 395 PSI
75,000 PPH 750 PSI
75,000 PPH 395 PSI
75,000 PPH 395 PSIG
70,000 PPH 395 PSI
70,000 PPH 350 PSI
70,000 PPH 350 PSIG
60,000 PPH 750 PSI
60,000 PPH 750 PSIG
60,000 PPH 395 PSI
60,000 PPH 350 PSI
40,000 PPH 750 PSI
40,000 PPH 395 PSI
40,000 PPH 350 PSI
36,000 PPH 300 PSI
30,000 PPH 300 PSI
24,000 PPH 300 PSI

Mobile Boiler Rooms:
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250 to 300 BHP

Skid Mounted Boilers:
Watertube Boilers from 75 BHP to 250,000 PPH
Firetube Boilers from 30 BHP to 700 BHP

Auxiliary Equipment:
Indeck has a wide variety of Auxiliary Equipment for rental including, pumps, deaerators, softeners, chemical feed, and heat exchangers.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems