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Indeck Rental Solutions

POWERING YOU IS OUR PASSION. Since 1960, Indeck has been delivering rental equipment to satisfied customers. Our commitment to reliable steam, fast delivery, and unmatched customer service has made Indeck the premier provider of boiler rental solutions.

With the world's largest inventory of boilers, our diverse rental fleet can cover your facility's temporary steam needs. From periodic capacity increases, operational redundancy, scheduled maintenance, unplanned outages, and supplemental coverage during equipment installation, Indeck has you covered.

Indeck's rental boilers are available in superheat and saturated steam models, as well as all-inclusive mobile boiler rooms. Our packaged boilers are available for commercial, institutional and industrial use up to 250,000 PPH (lbs/hr) and are available in both trailer-mounted and skid-mounted setup.

Trailer-Mounted Watertube Boilers:
Superheat and Saturated Rental Boilers Available.
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83,000 PPH 395 PSI
80,000 PPH 395 PSI
75,000 PPH 750 PSI
75,000 PPH 395 PSI
75,000 PPH 395 PSIG
70,000 PPH 395 PSI
70,000 PPH 350 PSI
70,000 PPH 350 PSIG
69,000 PPH 750 PSI
60,000 PPH 750 PSI
60,000 PPH 750 PSIG
60,000 PPH 395 PSI
60,000 PPH 350 PSI
40,000 PPH 750 PSI
40,000 PPH 395 PSI
40,000 PPH 350 PSI
36,000 PPH 300 PSI
30,000 PPH 395 PSI
30,000 PPH 300 PSI
24,000 PPH 300 PSI

Mobile Boiler Rooms:
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250 to 300 BHP

Boiler Feedwater Systems:
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45K PPH 70K PPH 80K PPH 85K PPH 85K PPH Deaerator in Enclosure 165K PPH 300K PPH

Rental Resources:
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Rental FAQs

Auxiliary Equipment:
In addition to our expansive boiler inventory, Indeck also carries auxiliary equipment that can be rented alongside our boilers or individually. Auxiliary Equipment Includes:

Indeck's portable boilers are stored in centralized locations throughout North America, making renting a boiler for an emergency, fast and hassle-free.

To learn more about Indeck's rental solutions, or equipment pricing, call 847.541.8300, email, or complete the form above. An Indeck Rental Department Representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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