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Indeck 2019
Trade Show Schedule:
District Energy Campus Energy Conference - New Orleans, LA
APRIL 23-26
Electric Power Expo - Las Vegas, NV
JUNE 24-27
IDEA's 110th Annual International Conference - Pittsburgh, PA
Power-Gen - New Orleans, LA

Indeck News - Our Latest and Upcoming Projects

Indeck to Feature International-LaMont High-Temperature Hot Water Generator at 2019 IDEA District Energy Conference

Wheeling, IL February 22, 2019

New Orleans, LA… With awareness over environmental footprints growing and plant operation costs on the rise, it is no wonder why many facilities are converting to centralized heating and power systems for their energy needs. Often referred to as District Heating or District Energy, microgrid energy systems allow users to reduce operational costs, lower greenhouse emissions, and are a more reliable on the whole.

Although point of use heating touts the benefit of reduced transmission and distribution loss, central heating plants promote self-contained reliability and overall increased operational efficiency. With a high demand and wide variety of options available for campus-level heat and power distribution, demand for collaborative insights on current industry trends, system optimization, and technological development are also growing.

For over 15 years, Indeck has been a member of the International District Energy Association (IDEA), and has been attending the various events hosted by the EPA CHP Partnership partner. In 2019 IDEA's annual Campus Energy Conference will be held in New Orleans, February 26 - March 1.

One of the many topics Indeck will be discussing while at the conference are the benefits of Indeck's steam and hot solutions for District Heat and Power. Currently, Indeck steam provides district heating solutions to a wide variety of clients throughout the higher education, healthcare, commercial campus, and municipal sectors.

As a single source provider in engineered steam and hot water solutions, Indeck offers many options for campus energy including their packaged steam boilers and the Interational-LaMont High-Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Generators. Indeck's International-LaMont High Temperature Hot Water Generator is an industry leader in providing campus heating solutions world-wide. Since 2002, Indeck has been manufacturing and distributing the International-LaMont equipment line. These boilers can provide steam or hot water toward distributed heat applications and heat absorption on refrigeration units for campus air conditioning.

Furthermore, the International-LaMont's can be equipped with low and ultra low NOx combustion systems, and can be modified for waste heat, solid fuel, and combined heat and power applications. Like Indeck's packaged boilers, the International-LaMont is built in compliance with ASME, National Board, CRN, UL, ULC and CGA certifications. These HTHW generators can be built to spec with an output range of 10 Million to 200 million BTU/HR. Indeck's International-LaMont's versatile capabilities ensure the High Temperature Hot Water Generator can meet your campus' heating needs.
Similar to Indeck's efforts to support the distributed energy market, IDEA's Campus Energy Conference focuses on the operational success of district energy systems and continuous improvement in their system design and optimization. Throughout the years, Indeck's partnership with IDEA has given the power equipment leader the opportunity to feature its innovative and cutting-edge equipment within the Distributed Energy market, and deliver those solutions directly to those within the community. Like every Campus Energy Conference, Indeck is excited to not only highlight their 2019 line of district heating and power products and services but share their industry expertise with those in attendance.

In addition to campus heating and power solutions, Indeck provides a variety of engineered steam solutions for commercial and industrial operations. Discover more by visiting or calling 800.446.3325. Combustion controls and OEM parts are also available.

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