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Prominent Resin Manufacturer Receives Two Custom-Designed Indeck Boilers

Wheeling, IL  November 20, 2018

Earlier this month, Indeck Power Equipment Company delivered two of its new custom-made package boiler systems to a prominent client in the resin and chemical manufacturing industry. These 250,000 PPH 410PSIG/610°F boilers are the latest in Indeck's long history of providing steam power solutions to commercial and industrial leaders across the globe. Just like Indeck, these clients are committed to creating a better future through discovery, process innovation and technology improvements within their industries.

Indeck boilers proudly power over 5,000 businesses in 50 countries worldwide. These businesses have paved the way in the fields of chemistry, medical science and technology, food processing, higher education, manufacturing, petrochemical, refining, alternative fuel production and more. Indeck is able to serve this wide client base through the world's largest stock of boilers for rental or purchase, which are sure to meet any business' energy needs.

For these companies, partnering with Indeck for their steam power needs is a simple choice. As a power provider, Indeck's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuously improving product efficiencies often aligns with their corporate philosophy.

"From the beginning Indeck has been at the forefront of innovation," states President and CEO, Marsha Forsythe. "Indeck was the first emergency boiler rental company in the world. [Indeck] saw a need the power equipment industry was not fully addressing, and we were able to deliver solutions. Our ability to provide service programs like our 24/7 emergency hotline quickly established Indeck as an industry leader".

Indeck has used the momentum from this initial success to expand to a single-service steam power provider with the largest boiler inventory in the world. Throughout the years, Indeck has maintained its emphasis on delivering products and services with unparalleled quality.

Today, Indeck's Heat Recovery Steam Generator (I-HRSG) boilers focus on efficiencies in energy production that reduce the environmental footprint associated with plant operations.

Additionally, Indeck's Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (I-SCRs) are exclusively designed to reduce NOx output, which also contributes to a cleaner and more efficient steam power process.

Where you find industry advancement, you'll find an Indeck boiler. In the scientific community alone, Indeck's clients have made tremendous developments in biodegradable material production, green energy initiatives, pharmaceutical breakthroughs, and engineering advancements. Indeck integrates cutting-edge steam technology with over 175 years of boiler manufacturing and design experience into every one of Indeck's products. By proudly servicing industry pioneers who are paving the way for a better tomorrow, Indeck's boilers power the present, while empowering the future.

For additional information about Indeck's boiler inventory, 24/7 Emergency Boiler Service Center, boiler sale and rental programs, or any of Indeck's other steam power solutions, visit, email [email protected] or call 800-446-3325 to determine the steam power strategy that best fits your facility's needs.

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