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HEAT Exchangers and Boiler optimization Solutions

Fuel and Cost Savings All in one

Indeck’s economizers capture waste heat and recirculate this energy back into the boiler system through the boiler’s feedwater. This heat exchange process reduces the energy needed to heat the boiler system-saving on fuel and operational costs, while simultaneously increasing boiler efficiency.

Indeck can provide condensing and non-condensing economizers for application in:


  • Watertube boilers
  • Firetube boilers
  • Hot Water Generators
  • and more

Industrial Boiler Accessories And Auxiliary equipment

As part of our comprehensive boiler packages, Indeck offers the option to add an economizer to all steam power packages.

Additional boiler accessories and auxiliary equipment include boiler feedwater treatment trailers, deaerators, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Burner Management Systems, Chillers, Combustion Controls Systems, Water Softeners and more.