Solid Fuel Boilers

Indeck LaMont solid fuel boilers are designed to fire biomass fuels for hot water generation. These biomass steam boilers have forced circulation features and a vertical tube wall furnace to fire a wide range of biomass fuels. We offer several different types of solid fuel boilers including Two Drum Open Pass and Multi-Pass Design, Single Drum MSW Design, VL Boilers, and A-Boilers that range in capacity from 25,000 to 600,000 lb. steam/hr. The following are the main features of our solid fuel boilers:

indeck solid fuel drawing

  • They are designed and built to generate hot water through controlled force circulation, they are not converted boilers.
  • Identical radiant surface to convective surface ratios in each tube provides for even heat distribution.
  • The radiant section and convective section are connected in series which prevents steaming.
  • The efficiency is maximized with counter flow heat transfer (water to combustion gases).
  • Thermal stresses are minimized by the tangent tube wall construction
  • Condensation of acid gases on the outer casing are prevented by a seal casing design that keeps the flue gas isolated from the insulation.
  • Selection of bubbling fluidized bed or grate technologies.

Solid Fuels Fired by our Biomass Steam Boilers

The solid fuel boilers available from Indeck are designed and manufactured to fire just about any type of biomass fuel including:

  • Coal and Lignite
  • Wood and Bark
  • Bagasse
  • MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)
  • Tires
  • Blast Furnace Gas
  • Coke Oven Gas

Environmental Regulations

Our biomass steam generator systems are manufactured with air pollution control equipment to comply with environmental regulations. Indeck can help you choose which equipment to use based on your specific emissions requirements. Our mechanical dust collectors, fabric filters, CO catalysts, flue gas desulfurization systems, SNCRs, SCRs, and ESPs can help reduce your emissions to acceptable levels. For more information about our selection of solid fuel boilers, contact Indeck by calling (847) 541-8300.