Firetube Boilers – STARFIRE

RENT • LEASE • SALES … Why wait 8-20 weeks when Indeck has new and refurbished firetube boilers of all sizes and pressures in stock and available for immediate delivery? Indeck can also build any boiler to meet your required specifications.

10-2,000 BHP (New & Reconditioned)
  • 15-600 PSIG (Steam)
  • 30-300 PSIG (Hot Water)
Natural Gas, Propane, and #2-6 Fuel Oil
All Units:
All Auxiliary Equipment Available from Stock
Most Units:
  • Available with Low NOx Burners
  • Completely Packaged with Standard Trim and Controls
  • Burners, Fuel Trains, and Burner Management Systems
  • IRI, FM, CSD-1, and UL Approved