A Series Watertube Boiler

Engineered Steam Solutions


A complete line of Indeck Volcano “A” style package boilers are offered to provide the ability to fire the dirtier fuels while still incorporating the benefits offered with a package designed steam generator. The “A” type boiler is fully shop assembled, rail shippable up to steam capacities of 300,000 Ib/hr.

If your project requires a package boiler, watertube steam packaged boiler or other specialty boiler, call Indeck at 847-541-8300 for more information on our A-style package boilers for rent or sale.


    20,000 – 300,000 PPH


    150 – 1,750 PSIG


    Natural Gas, Oil #2 – #6, Various Waste and Off-gases


    Saturated or Superheat Steam to 1,050 F.


    Ultra Low NOx available through SCR-NOx or burner; Ultra low CO.
    “A” Series
    20,000 – 300,000 PPH
    150 – 1,750 PSIG
    Natural Gas, Various Waste and Off-Gasses, #2 – #6 Oil
    Saturated and Superheat
    Stocking Program
    • Many Units of Various Sizes and Types Available for Immediate Shipment
    • New and Reconditioned Units Available
    • Standard Inventory Includes 250,000 PPH Units with High Pressure and Superheat
    • Matching Auxiliary Equipment in Stock
    • Water Cooled Membrane Wall Construction (Including Front and Rear Walls as Specified)
    • Appropriate Heat Releases for the Application
    • Sized for Flame Dimensions to Achieve Best Possible Emissions
    • Minimal Refractory to Reduce On-Going Maintenance
    • Fully Accessible for Inspection
    • All Tubes Connected Drum to Drum with No Intermediate Headers
    • Ligament Efficiencies and Corrosion Allowances that Meet or Exceed ASME Code
    • Up to 3 Stages of Internal Moisture Separation for Most Stringent Steam Purity Requirements
    • Internal distribution piping to provide positive circulation
    • Diameters up to 54″
    • Both Radiant-Convective and 100% Convective Available
    • Assemblies Completely Self-Supporting (No Intermediate Support Brick Required)
    • All Elements of Equivalent Length Ensuring Balanced Flow
    • Conservative Velocities Inside Tubes Assure Positive Cooling at All Loads
    • Fully Drainable
    • Designs Specific to Client
    • Requirements that Meet or Exceed All ASME Codes and ABMA Guidelines
    • Implements Most Appropriate Accessories to Ensure Compliance to All Performance Guarantees
    • Nearly half a century of Empirical Data Collected on Operation of Our Rental Fleet