ThermoFlo Boilers

The Indeck ThermoFlo Watertube Boiler is of a two drum multipass watertube type with 5 longitudinal gas passes separated by tangent waterwall tubes to ensure maximum heat transfer. The tubes can be welded or press fit to the drums using a ferrule attachment welded to the end of each tube.

ASME Construction:

Built in accordance with section 1 or section 5 requirements. Advantages of independent Code inspections is obvious.

Equalized Circulation:

Equalized Circulation of water within the tubes of the pressure vessel and the five passes created for the flow of flue gas on the outside of the tubes of the pressure vessel maximizes the inherent factors of time, turbulence, and pressure drop for maximized efficiencies throughout the turn down range of the ThermoFlo Watertube Boiler. The tube configuration eliminates the need for flue gas baffles which can easily create corrosion and soot build up.

Thermal Shock Proof:

Down comer (rear location on Hot Water, front and rear on steam) are located strategically outside the heat transfer zones of the pressure to ensure positive downward flow of water from the upper to the lower drums of the pressure vessel, negating the necessity of any external circulating pumps.

Generous Furnace:

Designed specifically to meet LOW NOx application. All proven LOW NOx burners with or without flue gas recirculation will be able to meet all current LOW NOx applications. Complete combustion is achieved with lower heat release rates (Btu/cu. Ft.) than other designs.

Insulation & Double Wall Casing:

The boiler inner casing is made of 11 gauge steel and 2 thick – 1900°F ceramic insulation. The boiler combustion chamber floor and ends are built with 1900°F ceramic fiberboard insulation and 2700°F high temperature castable refractory. The boiler outer casing consists of 3/4" thick fiberglass insulation enclosed in 18 gauge corrugated aluminum panels. A 2" air space between the inner casing and the outer casing provides further insulation to ensure cool jacket surface temperatures and minimize heat loss, throughout the turn down range of the boiler. The outer surface is constructed of light weight aluminum panel which can be easily removed. The inner casing is in sections and bolted in place. The outer casing is screwed in light weight sections.

Accessibility & Service:

The entire outer casing and the inner casings are constructed easily of removable sections bolted together. They can be removed and reassembled without any cutting or welding required.

Field Assembly:

All boiler components can be shipped disassembled for ease of access to a boiler room which is inaccessible with a factory assembled unit.