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boiler feedwater treatment systems

Softeners, Deaerators, Chemical Feed Systems and more

Water treatment is a critical part of any boiler system. Boiler feedwater that has not been properly treated will suffer from poor performance and in some cases become quickly and severely damaged. Indeck’s boiler water treatment solutions are able to water quality requirements and regulated flow rate to keep your plant on line and your boilers running at peak efficiency.

Indeck’s Feedwater Treatment Solutions Include


Mobile Feedwater Trailers

Water Softeners

Mobile Water Treatment Trailers

Indeck’s all-in-one fully-enclosed boiler feedwater trailer is equipped with all of the essentail components needed to properly treat boiler feedwater for fast, portable and reliable steam. Indeck’s boiler feedwater trailers are equipped with deaerator, water softener, feedwater pumps, and chemical feed capabilities.


Boiler deaerators are a critical part of a boiler’s water treatment system.
When used properly, deaerators prevent corrosion and oxide formation by removing oxygen and other gases from the boiler’s feedwater.

Indeck deaerators are available up to capacities of 300,000 PPH.

Water Softeners

Water softeners prevent the build up of scale deposits caused from trace amounts of minerals in the water such as as calcium, and magnesium and other ionic compounds found naturally in water. Over time, this scale build up will decrease boiler efficiency and damage the boiler waterwall tubes.

Boiler water softeners treat water by neutralizing these ionic compounds in the boilers water system–allowing for efficient and reliable steam production, while also extending the life of your boiler.

Shop Water Treatment Accessories

Pumps and Motors
Boiler feedwater pumps and motors ensure the continuous flow of water to the boiler from the boiler water treatment system
Chemical Feed Equipment
Equipment needed to store and regulated the chemicals used in the water treatment process.
Water Filtration
Various filtration media used for water purification and treatment.