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The Indeck Service Center is the online resource for ensuring your Indeck boiler is well-maintained and operating a peak boiler efficiency.

In addition to boiler start-up, field consultations and equipment maintenance, the Indeck  Service Team also offers resources and tips on equipment maintenance and proper care to extend the life of your boiler.


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Turnkey Services

Indeck is a leading provider of turnkey services for industrial facilities and municipal campuses. Indeck’s single source capabilities means that our service technicians are equipped to handle your industrial boiler installation from start to finish.

Parts Replacement

Keeping our clients running at maximum efficiency is our top priority. Indeck is happy to source and install any replacement parts needed to minimize downtime and increase the efficiency of your boiler. 

Boiler Installation

With 60 years of industrial boiler equipment installation under our belt, our service team is equipped to quickly and safely perform boiler installation and start up.

Equipment Maintenance and Inspections

Indeck’s service technicians are available to perform regular maintenance, boiler tuning and facility/operator training to ensure safe and efficient boiler performance throughout the life of your boiler.


On-Site Consultation

Our service team prides itself on the level of customer support for given to our clients – before, during and after boiler start up. Our field consultation services include, on-site inspections,  operational improvement strategies, combustion tuning, operator training, equipment testing, construction/rebuild consultations, and more.

The Indeck Service team prides itself on our superior knowledge and technical expertise. All Indeck service members are committed to extending the life of previously purchased equipment through reliable, quality service and superior client service.

Aaron Naylor

Service Manager

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