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History of Indeck

Indeck has over 150 years of boiler knowledge and experience! Our experience dates all the way back to the 1800’s. In 2002, Indeck expanded with the acquisition the manufacturing group, Indeck Boiler Corporation; formerly known as Volcano, located in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Volcano has long been recognized as a source of quality boilers dating back to 1920. In 2004, Indeck further broadened products with the acquisition of Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC located in Erie, Pennsylvania, which dates back to the 1800’s.

The Indeck Group of Companies:

Indeck Power Equipment Company
  • Privately Held, Began Operation in 1960
  • Created Industrial Rental Boiler Market
  • Over $70 Million in Inventory
  • Provides Complete Packaged and Field Erected Boilers, and Auxiliary Equipment for Rent, Purchase, Lease/Purchase or on a Turnkey Basis
  • Controls, BMS and water treatment product lines
  • Service and Logistic
  • Woman-Owned Enterprise
Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC.
  • Operating in Erie since 1840
  • Formerly Erie City Iron Works, Zurn Energy Div., Aalborg, and Erie Power Steam Generators
  • OEM Parts and Services
Indeck Boiler Corporation
  • Operating in St. Hyacinthe since 1920
  • Direct Rail Access
  • Close to St. Lawrence Seaway
  • In-house capabilities for: Tube-bending, Heating Treatment Furnace, Drum Plate Rolls, Drills, Submerged Arc Welding Machines, as well as other Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • A Total On-site Crane Capacity of 200 tons.
  • Full Range of NDE capabilities
  • ASME Certified QC Program
  • Engineering and CAD Support
Indeck Energy Services, Inc.
  • Developed 3,000 MW in US & UK
  • Owns interest in 11 plants – 850 MW of capacity
  • 2,800 MW under development in gas and coal based plants
  • Indeck Services has provided all aspects of project development-project concept, site acquisition, remediation, permitting, contracts, financing, construction oversight
Indeck Operations, Inc.
  • Operating 9 plants including plants owned by others
  • Personnel include plant operating personnel and roving maintenance service group
  • Technologies include – combined cycle & simple cycle gas turbine systems, biomass, waste-wood, hydro, coal and waste fueled steam turbine systems