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INDECK is the most diverse boiler manufacturer in the world, coupled with the largest stock product line and rental solutions, with a proven ability to deliver products anywhere in the world.

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Prominent Resin Manufacturer Receives Two Custom-Designed Indeck Boilers
Earlier this month, we delivered two of its new custom-made package boiler systems to a prominent client in the resin and chemical manufacturing industry.
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Steam Boilers, High Temp Hot Water Generators, Boiler Parts & Engineering Services for Specialty Boilers

Since Indeck's inception over five decades ago, we have progressed into the go-to boiler manufacturer for comprehensive inventory and rentals. We design and manufacture industrial boiler systems that include power boilers, package boilers, solid fuel boilers, portable boilers, watertube boilers, and waste heat boilers among others. Over the years, our emergency mobile boiler rental services have expanded to include the design and build of boilers worldwide. We have installed and maintained our boilers in over 45 countries and we're able to package products based on detailed customer demand. In addition, we offer industrial stock and used boilers for sale, boilers for rent, and 24/7 emergency rental boiler services.

Numerous Industries Serviced
Indeck Power Equipment Company supplies boilers, boiler parts, and other products to a wide variety of industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, refinery, utilities, food, manufacturing, universities, and more. As a reputable industrial boiler manufacturer with an inclusive line of products and a large inventory of stock boilers, our clients can feel confident in our ability to meet and exceed their individual needs. Whether your company is in need of HTHW generator for district heating, rental of a mobile boiler room or trailer mounted boiler, or is looking to purchase a used boiler for sale, you can rely on our diverse inventory of power boilers and expertise to get the job done.

Commitment & Know-How
One of the benefits of employing the services of Indeck is the fact that you can count on us to provide step-by-step support. From start to finish, we assist our customers with boiler design, delivery, installation, start-up, training, part replacement, and maintenance.

Ample Selection
The Indeck Power Equipment Company provides the most trusted boilers from the top names in the industry including Volcano, International Boiler Works, Zurn, Aalborg Land Based Boilers, and Erie City Iron Works. If you're in the market for a watertube boiler, solid fuel boiler, waste heat boiler, portable boiler, thermal oxidizer, or specialty boiler, Indeck is your premier provider. We have North America's biggest inventory of used boilers for sale, lease, or rental. In addition to our core services and steam power products, we design controls and provide burner additions, stack systems, replacement parts, and supplementary or auxiliary boiler equipment.

Design Group
Indeck's boiler design group, Indeck Keystone Energy, has been engineering steam solutions for over 175 years, dating back to the 1840s as Erie City Iron Works, Zurn Energy Division, and Aalborg Industries. We provide the top industry trade names in power boilers and boiler equipment such as Volcano, Erie City, Zurn, Aalborg, IBC, and International Boiler Works all under one roof.

Indeck Keystone Energy specializes in the design of solid fuel and waste heat recovery boilers and larger modular packaged boilers rated up to 1,000,000 PPH and 1,800 psig.

To learn more about our extensive products and service, call us at (847) 541-8300.

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