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Since 1960, Indeck has been delivering rental equipment to satisfied customers. Our commitment to reliable steam, fast delivery, and unmatched customer service has made Indeck the premier provider of boiler rental solutions.

With the world’s largest inventory of boilers, our diverse rental fleet can cover your facility’s temporary steam needs. From periodic capacity increases, operational redundancy, scheduled maintenance, unplanned outages, and supplemental coverage during equipment installation, Indeck has you covered.

Indeck’s rental boilers are available in superheat and saturated steam models, as well as all-inclusive mobile boiler rooms. Our packaged boilers are available for commercial, institutional and industrial use up to 250,000 PPH (lbs/hr) and are available in both trailer-mounted and skid-mounted setup.

Our rental boilers can be found nationwide as well as internationally within a variety of industrial, institutional, commercial applications.

No Power? No Problem

Indeck’s dedicated Service and Transportation teams work alongside our Rental division for immediate emergency boiler dispatch. Vist our Service Center for more information.
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Rental Boiler Resources

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Indeck broke ground as the world’s first 24/7 emergency boiler rental company. As such, Indeck’s has literally built itself up through our commitment to provide our clients with fast, reliable steam and hot water solutions.

Our rental team is committed to this legacy and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior customer service and custom-designed rental boiler packages catered specifically to our clients’ needs. All of our equipment is backed by Indeck’s single-source capabilities, which allows Indeck to oversee and manage, and provide support at every stage of the lease process.

Boiler Rental Inquiries


Auxiliary Equipment
In addition to our expansive boiler inventory, Indeck also carries auxiliary equipment that can be rented alongside our boilers or individually. Auxiliary Equipment Includes:

Indeck’s portable boilers are stored in centralized locations throughout North America, making renting a boiler for an emergency, fast and hassle-free

Logistics Coordination
Indeck transportation division works closely with our rental team to on-time and safe delivery of our temporary boilers to your facility.
Boiler Tuning
For jobs with longer boiler leasing periods, Indeck Service techinicans will perform periodic boiler tuning to ensure your temporary boiler is optimized for peak performance and steam output.
Parts and Accessories
When that pressure gauge or gasket is in need of replacement, not only will Indeck help you find the right part, but our service team will assist with installation.
Contingency Planning
With the power of the world’s largest fleet of boilers behind us, Indeck’s Rental team is able to provide temporary steam quickly for any application.  Indeck’s Rental Team is committed to helping you find the right temporary steam solution for your facility and to keeping your facility running during unplanned and scheduled outages.

Indeck will work with you to build out and reserve equipment for recurring scheduled outages, as well as assist in any contingency planning for process redundancy and unplanned outages.

All Indeck rental boilers are backed by Indeck’s single-source capabilities, which gives Indeck the unique ability provide support throughout entirety of the lease –all the way from logistics coordination through start-up and on-site tuning.
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