International-LaMont® Boiler

High-Temperature Hot Water Generators (HTHWG)

Indeck continues to be a leader in the field of manufacturing and installing hot water boilers for high temperature hot water generation. Since 1948, we have installed more than 1,000 Indeck International-LaMont high temperature hot water generators for a wide variety of industrial applications including airports, hospitals, universities, military bases, and government facilities among others. Our hot water boilers are a dependable and efficient source of heat with exceptional fuel cost savings. Indeck has the largest inventory of low and high temperature hot water boilers for sale or rent in the U.S. with capacities ranging from 10,000,000 to 200,000,000 BTU/hr.

The innovative TJW-C design provides for maximum efficiency while cutting down on fuel costs. Our Indeck International LaMont hot water generators provide the following benefits:

  • High Temperature Differentials: Our packaged LaMont hot water generators can handle temperature differentials of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.
  • No Thermal Shocking: The balanced tubular circuits control the circulation of water to eliminate the risk of thermal shocking.
  • Low Maintenance: The construction of the tangent tube furnace wall allows for a gas tight seal welded inner casing and isolation of the insulation and outer casing which protects the outer casing from gas condensation, requiring less maintenance.
  • High Efficiency: The incorporation of the counter flow of water to combustion gases helps reduce stack temperatures up to 150°F while increasing the overall efficiency of the boiler by almost 5%.
  • Compact Design: The low head room configuration saves space and money on construction and on-site handling.
  • Closed Loop System
  • Low Pressure Drops
  • Safe Operation
  • Minimum Water Treatment
  • Proven Design
  • Low NOx Emissions

The Indeck International LaMont hot water boilers are extremely dependable and efficient for space and process heating. You can call us at (847) 541-8300 for more information about our industrial hot water boilers.