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Boiler feedwater TRAILERS

BOILER water treatment solutions

Boiler Feedwater Trailer Drawing:


  • Oxygen Removal to 0.005 CC/Liter
  • Preheating of Make-Up Water
  • Steam Stripping Spray Type Unit
  • Multiple Chemical Feed Systems
  • Multi-Media Filters
  • Water Softener Redundancy
  • Continuous Hardness Analyzer


75,000 PPH Water Treatment Trailer

85,000 PPH Water Treatment Trailer


Water treatment is a critical part of any boiler system. Boiler feedwater that has not been properly deaerated and/or treated to proper ph levels, will not only cause poor performance, but can quickly and severely damage the structural integrity of your equipment.

As part of our comprehensive temporary boiler packages, Indeck offers fully-enclosed mobile water treatment trailers for rent. All of our mobile boiler feedwater vans come fully equipped with deaerator, water softener, feedwater pump, and chemical feed capabilities.

Additionally, Indeck’s mobile boiler water treatment trailers are equipped with Indeck’s state-of-the-art boiler controls systems and easy-to-use HMI work stations.